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Deadhand Nate

Boss fights

If you get yourself in a situation where it's hands, don't flinch. Stay with your group.

If you start a mosh, you get an opportunity to add a boss fight. Drop some comments on each other's work to power up! Long as you work together, you'll be good. And if you see Bill, give him one for me.
2022-12-10 14:29:26 ⭜



I have two reliable companions: One is my dragon friend, and the other is the warm breeze of a summer night. I feel most capable of operating during the summer, the season in which the world is wont to burn...

*ahem* And just in time, too...

New game: Summer
2022-10-28 16:17:41 ⭜


Please excuse the dust

Sorry for the site being completely dead for the time being. As mentioned on the Patreon, things here are halted while I try to find a job and a living situation. I'm eager to get Gravity Break back into full production and massively expand the site's scope.
2022-04-05 06:26:24 ⭜


Mabu's Storm Drain is now open for business!

Hey! Hold up. Don't go down creatures.php tonight. I saw some freaky shit moving around under one of the sewer grates. It was huge.

...What the fuck, you actually WANT to check it out? Are you outta your head? If you get killed, don't expect me to go to your funeral.
2022-02-05 07:10:29 ⭜


Writing & Photo Media / Battles


Right. *ahem* So, things changed a little bit with the Wall. Now, writin and takin pictures is added to the battles. And...I paid off Beeflode's tab at the Brew. For a month.

But so what?! I'll have you know I got a new job! And my clear. So stick that up your arse. If you wanna keep goin on with your games, go ahead. Maybe score me some points this time, yeah? Useless shark wankers.
2022-01-26 11:09:57 ⭜


December, Part 2 & First to 100 Points

Hah! Bob's your uncle! First to 100 points wins the bet. You shoulda seen Jadley's face when he worked out he lost! Never seen the bloke so concerned for his wallet. Come to think of it, that means my tab's all paid for. Next round's on him! Bahahaha!

Right then, if you lot want to keep on what you've been doing, I figure you can take a butcher's at @GravityBreak on the Tweeter to get an earful when a fight's breakin out. Ol' 0xb took care of that one, I heard.

Those riots you lot get yourselves in don't give out snowflakes to the winner anymore, they give out gifts instead. 'Til the end o' the month, anyway. And what's more, they're sayin that 5 more, uh, "secret snowflakes" showed up outta nowhere. That's 15 then, right? Sounds like tosh, but some people go for that.

...Huh? Did someone say sump'n? Well, never mind. I'm gettin plastered!
2021-12-12 16:15:30 ⭜



Rooroo. Dro lyexnkbsoc lodgoox gybvnc kbo cvygvi obynsxq. Rkrkrk. Dro kwlsdsyx yp kvv mbokdeboc sc czsbkvsxq yed yp myxdbyv. Roro. Pyb xyg, dryeqr, ofobiyxo gsvv lo rkfsxq dyy wemr pex dy xydsmo. Led sp iye cokbmr rkbn oxyeqr, iye'vv coo sd dyy.

And remember: Don't forget to check the Inventory and Synthesis tabs underneath your user cards! Ahahaha!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!
2021-11-30 17:42:26 ⭜


Patreon launch

We need money to keep this operation going, as unfortunate as it is. If you're interested in Gravity Break Radio's ongoing operations, then please help us out at the following web address:

Hm? I'm being told you'll also get a "wretched creature pin" for giving five dollars. I'd loathe to be called such a thing, but I suppose taste varies...

In any case, please excuse the radio silence - there will be a bit of a lull as we prepare the December event. We hope to see you confront our challenge once the final month of 2021 arrives.
2021-11-17 05:46:40 ⭜


Battle of the Bits connectivity

I guess Battle of the Bits accounts can be linked here now. So, good news for whoever that's for. Then again, if I understand it right, people get bonuses here every time they earn a format badge on BotB...Might be worth looking into.
2021-09-02 04:36:38 ⭜


The Wall & Creative Battles

Right, so here's the thing. Me and Beeflode, we're talkin about all the shark-men what hang around the Wall all day, makin little pictures and singin songs. Well, we noticed they have these contests, right, and we started bettin on them. Brilliant.

So then we realize we just invented the game of the year. And whoever's proxies win the most has to pay the other's tab for the month. So go on, then. Let's empty Beeflode's wallet. Cheers.

2021-08-16 17:50:27 ⭜

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September 12th, 2001
The world is in mourning.
America is at the height of its power.

Event 0


I'll tolerate 10 more of your rumors until the next event.

Your timid whispers reach no ears