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Have you tried yelling "pride" into the void?


Battle of the Bits connectivity

I guess Battle of the Bits accounts can be linked here now. So, good news for whoever that's for. Then again, if I understand it right, people get bonuses here every time they earn a format badge on BotB...Might be worth looking into.
2021-09-02 04:36:38 ⭜


The Wall & Creative Battles

Right, so here's the thing. Me and Beeflode, we're talkin about all the shark-men what hang around the Wall all day, makin little pictures and singin songs. Well, we noticed they have these contests, right, and we started bettin on them. Brilliant.

So then we realize we just invented the game of the year. And whoever's proxies win the most has to pay the other's tab for the month. So go on, then. Let's empty Beeflode's wallet. Cheers.

2021-08-16 17:50:27 ⭜


Event Zero

How it is, everyone.

The GBM rollout is happening slowly, but surely. But slowly. While I get everything set up, I encourage you to click around and try contributing! Thanks to everyone who helped me build this long-anticipated (by me) project. I'm still adding things to Event Zero and the overall functionality of the site. The event will be finished after I unveil a community challenge and it gets completed. Gimme a while to set that up. Also, I'm hiring freelance artists to add assets to the site! So, you know, hit me up if I don't hit you up first. You can comment on this post, if you want. Got any design suggestions? Let me know.

2020-08-05 13:30:44 ⭜

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September 12th, 2001
The world is in mourning.
America is at the height of its power.

Event 0


I'll tolerate 10 more of your rumors until the next event.

Your timid whispers reach no ears