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I'm having a hard time following this.



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This topic is exclusively for submitting new stickers to Gravity Break. Please don't reply to chat here. Every reply should be a sticker submission with the necessary info, just to keep it easy to browse.

Stickers are a type of resource available to every Gravity Break player. They're images that can be placed on user cards, works, battles, or comments, including replies in topics. You get three random stickers every time you level up, but you can get more through various methods. Submitting a sticker here, and having it accepted, will add it to the ever-expanding pool of stickers that players can earn randomly.

Every sticker submitted here must be either:
- drawn by you
- available through the public domain
- available through an applicable license
- pulled and/or altered from a source such that it legally counts as fair use (if you don't know what this means, avoid this one)

To contribute a sticker, attach it as an image in a reply to this topic. It must be a PNG file with a transparent background. Make sure it's already the right size for a sticker; usually somewhere between 40 to 100 pixels in either direction, but not necessarily limited to that. Try to use images that look complete and aren't "cut off" on any of the edges. In your reply, specify the proposed, all-lowercase name of the sticker (usually just the name of the object or shape it represents) along with its source, especially if it has public domain status. Examples below.

NAME: holostar
SOURCE: i drew it

NAME: beer
SOURCE: public domain from this library:

NAME: pixelhammer
SOURCE: license granted from RPG Items Retro pack:

Not every submission will be accepted, and the ones that are won't necessarily be accepted right away. Don't fret about it. You can contribute as much stuff as you want. Stickers might be edited or renamed before being implemented. You will be permanently credited for every sticker that gets accepted.
Props to this comment from ViLXDRYAD, 0xb, mirageofher

Mar 08, 2022 - 4:58 PM
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