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Kixel Frames
SeismicLv 36 stylist


This topic is exclusively for submitting new frames to Gravity Break. Please don't reply to chat here. Every reply should be a frame submission with the necessary info, just to keep it easy to browse.

Kixel frames are a semi-rare resource. A player can apply a frame they've obtained to any one of their submitted kixels, including their avatar. The frame will show up on the kixel in most contexts. There's a small chance each day of a player randomly getting a kixel frame, but they can also be obtained by other methods. Some frames are unique and must be earned through some kind of achievement or secret.

To contribute a frame that you've made, attach it as a PNG file to your reply. It must be exactly 200x220 pixels. Use the template image above to inform your design. All transparent pixels in the template MUST stay transparent. The rest of the design can be transparent wherever you'd like. Give the frame a simple name in your reply("Blue Matte", "Windows", "ASCII", etc).

All of the following are examples of valid kixel frames:

Not every submission will be accepted, and the ones that are won't necessarily be accepted right away. Don't fret about it. You can contribute as much stuff as you want. Frames might be edited or renamed before being implemented. You will be permanently credited for every frame that gets accepted.
Props to this comment from ViLXDRYAD, mirageofher

Mar 08, 2022 - 4:59 PM
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