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i can't seem to be able to start any battle
Gaetano96Lv 17 stylist
user of the day - 11/29/2022
music - bronze
Idk why but for some reason I can't seem to start any battle.
When I click on the button, "Start Battle", I can select between Riot, Scrap or Mosh, but then there is no further available option. The window/tab that's supposed to pop up, doesn't appear. Is this a glitch/bug? @Multi

I'm assuming it could just mean the website is temporarily not accepting new battles (but others seem to be able to do it just fine afaik), or that I reached some limit (?), or that it's just a glitch/bug. I submitted 10 battle ideas, so that made said ideas show up in their related window/tab/whatever. Could that be why the "start battle" space didn't show up?

Either way, the website is still the best website known to mankind imho, and I'm sure this lil issue will be solved in no time. Take care and I wish happy holidays and festivities to you all!
Props to this comment from 0xb

Dec 06, 2022 - 4:57 PM
Lv 31 chaotic0xb
wretched creature (patreon backer)
event zero bugcatcher
art - bronze
triple star
kixel - gold
music - gold
user of the day - 09/08/2022
photo - bronze
100 works
This was/is a bug, when you loaded the website at a certain date and time (see If you clear your browser cache it should work again. Happy holidays gaetano!
Props to this comment from Gaetano96, Multi

Dec 07, 2022 - 1:38 AM / EDITED Dec 07, 2022 - 1:39 AM
MultiLv 35 hardcore
a Mighty BotBr
art - silver
legendary bronze medal
kixel - silver
legendary silver medal
triple star
100 works
user of the day - 05/24/2022
legendary tin can
music - silver
sidenote, I'm gonna eventually make it so that @someone actually does something
Props to this comment from Gaetano96, 0xb

Dec 08, 2022 - 11:43 AM
Lv 17 stylistGaetano96
user of the day - 11/29/2022
music - bronze
Thank you a lot guys, after deleting my cache it worked just fine! Also that sounds nice @Multi < 3
Dec 11, 2022 - 5:23 PM
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