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Barony of Gritzena
by mmmbop2
“The Barony of Gritzena comprised four knight's fiefs, and was located in the region of Lakkoi under a certain Lucas, of whom nothing other than his name is known.”
2022-01-12 22:16:48
JANUARY 2022: Special:Random

3 days • Monthly Music Massacre
Welcome to the first of a monthly series of special battles! These 3-day riots will happen on the first of every month and have a more involved objective than usual. The winner will receive a color and a pin.

For this battle, you must go to the following URL only once and take note of the title:

Don't cheat! You may not reroll; you're stuck with the first Wikipedia result you get. Use the title, as well as the subject matter, to inspire your music. Once you're ready to upload, the title of your track must be the exact name of the Wikipedia article you got.

And don't forget, once the submission phase is over, you'll have three days to rank your opponents' entries! Make sure to do so, or your own entry will get a penalty.
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Props to this comment from pc

Jan 17, 2022 - 12:47 PM
Ill have a Blue Christmas

by Tobikomi

Kixel portrait :D OHB thing, for Blue_Christmas from BotB
Lv 10
late ride home

by biglumbo

when you gotta take the bus at 11:30 pm and you have nothing better to do
Lv 4