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Journey up Mt. Christmas
by Multi
2023-01-21 06:28:53
A lovely winter get-together
<Track #4>
⚔︎ 58

24 hours • Objective by 0xb
winter wonderland snowy hills fast sledges snowflake magic
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kleederLv 14 executive
an Ascended BotBr
wretched creature (patreon backer)
event zero bugcatcher
legendary tin can
user of the day - 11/09/2022
i cant even put into words how wintery the intro felt.
transition to the next part is very well done and even tho they are totally different, it feels like a smooth switch rather than weirdly glued together. when it goes back to the happy part, its an expected event and therefore just supports the song structure as a whole!! c:
Props to this comment from Gaetano96, mirageofher, Multi

Jan 21, 2023 - 10:58 AM
⚔︎ 5
Lv 17 stylistGaetano96
user of the day - 11/29/2022
music - bronze
Nice arrangement, varied mix of instruments, I love how playful it is. The chiptune bleeps fit the aesthetic nicely and the melody is pretty too. The changes between major and minor, to me, solidify this as the representation of "winter". Idk why but it really does. Basically this is if the "Summer" OST was the "Winter" OST instead. Ice skating vibes (?). The jumps in the pizzicato strings, also, lovely touch. Good job! < 3
Props to this comment from Multi

Jan 21, 2023 - 11:10 AM / EDITED Jan 21, 2023 - 11:25 AM
⚔︎ 8
0xbLv 31 chaotic
wretched creature (patreon backer)
event zero bugcatcher
art - bronze
triple star
kixel - gold
music - gold
user of the day - 09/08/2022
photo - bronze
100 works
I appreciated this song a lot. The way you combine different styles and instruments is very magical to me. I felt like the song caught my attention immediately. At first it reminded me of old TV ads (in a good way).
Props to this comment from Multi, Gaetano96

Jan 21, 2023 - 12:31 PM
⚔︎ 5
Lv 7 chaoticsynton
user of the day - 12/25/2022
This was a pleasent wintery journey I wish to take again any time soon! It was snowy, icy, but I had a good and pleasent time.
Props to this comment from Multi, Gaetano96

Jan 21, 2023 - 1:10 PM
⚔︎ 5
seanLv 9 chaotic
user of the day - 11/14/2022
an Ascended BotBr
aww this is adorable. i like the way you used the instruments in order to accompany the different sections, e.g. the xylophone [marimba] melody in the playful section. tho, thats not to say the xylophone is inherently playful - rather, the way u used it at in that area utilised that quality very well!
Props to this comment from mirageofher, Multi, Gaetano96

Jan 21, 2023 - 2:58 PM
⚔︎ 5
Lv 8 executivewinemom
user of the day - 07/05/2022
Th is so cute with the different insts and parts. I liked it!!
Props to this comment from Multi, Gaetano96

Jan 21, 2023 - 3:11 PM
⚔︎ 5
crazygojiLv 3 stylist
user of the day - 10/05/2022
nice chords, good use of drums dynamically, the more dour part (for like 2 bars) added alot to the song, and of course great soundfont!
Props to this comment from Multi, Gaetano96

Jan 21, 2023 - 3:57 PM
Lv 3

by mirageofher

s-sorry klaedde... the song that i entered for our first batol... turnd out to be a musical shitpost...
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